Who We Are

At Integer, we help companies easily hire a software developer by handpicking from our well trained and vetted developers. Our developers are trained by industry experts and are ready to fit in to our client companies' development team.









Our Core Competencies

We leverage expertise and cultivate excellence through our core competencies within Africa and beyond.

WebApp Development

Our team specializes in affordable web design using different tools on various platforms

Business Development

The creation of sustainable value which will lead to a significantly increased access to markets and networks, as well as the cultivation of long term relationships. By combining our expertise in digital solutions and strategic development, We work with you to achieve your corporate objectives, such as: productivity; robust customer engagement; and improved service delivery

Mobile App Development

Internet applications that run on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices with full responsiveness.

Design Thinking & Product Management

From Idea to Product. Great Designs make a product more desirable and appealing to users. When contextual design principles are applied to an innovation, the outcomes include better productivity, increased effectiveness and improved efficiency. This is always a recipe for success.

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