The Integer Assembly is a 2 year paid program that transforms you into a market-fit SOFTWARE / BUSINESS developer. During your 2 year training with Integer, you will be paid an attractive salary while you learn and work on interesting projects.

You will complete a free form online that allows us get to know more about you. After which we will send you a welcome message via your email.

Date: May 31 – June 28

After the deadline date on the online application, you will be sent a mail to the email you applied with. This mail will contain a link for you to take a simple aptitude test.

Date: July 5 – July 12

Shortlisted candidates will be sent a self-study kit in their respective tracks with which you will learn the basics of programming and business dev and be tested. (Test Holds: 4th and 5th of August)

Date: July 19 – August 5

When you complete the self-study test, you will be invited for an in person interview at our office. The interview will be technical and will be based on what you learnt.

Date: August 9 – August 10

If you are shortlisted, you will be invited for a two-week bootcamp where you will be introduced to programming and business development. At this stage, we are looking to see your work ethic, passion, ability to work independently and with a team.

Date: August 16 – August 24

This is the acceptance stage. After the bootcamp, the best performing participants will be accepted into the Integer two (2) year program and become an Integer

Date: August 31

Program Benefits

Join the program for FREE
Very attractive monthly SALARY
Exposure to valuable NETWORKS
FEEDING during training
Classy and Serene Work ENVIRONMENT

Eligibility Requirements

Residence in Nigeria, Ghana or South Africa
Minimum of 17 years
Maximum of 30 years
Minimum of SSCE

Application Closed